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Chronicles of Loreithia 

Known for its unprecedented beauty, Loreithia stood without chaos and destruction, a pristine world where the people and lands existed in harmony for millennia. The kingdoms and races ruled with an alliance they believed could never be broken. That is, until the darkness came. As destruction fills their world, hope rests in a single child. With many journeys ahead, countless lives hanging in the balance, and trials that will test the hearts of many, it is up to the child and those who help her to return Loreithia to its rightful order.

Welcome to LoreithianChronicles! ♥

Welcome to the Community Group devoted to showing the stories and artwork belonging to the fantasy universe created by Endorell-Taelos.

Endorell-Taelos is an aspiring fantasy writer, and has been working on a series of stories based in the fictional world of Loreithia.

Here you can see the related various artworks created by other people and by Endorell-Taelos herself.

Please note that everything in here, including the stories themselves are a work in progress.

“Even in darkness there is light”

“There is some good in this world, and it's worth fighting for.” ― J.R.R. Tolkien

“Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.” ― J.K. Rowling

Chronicles of Loreithia Spotlights
♥ Feature: Literary Compass - Vol. 3
♥ Feature: dAuthors Volume VI
♥ Daily Deviation: When Worlds Collide - Chapter 1

Chronicles of Loreithia Stories

When Worlds Collide
by Endorell-Taelos & mirz-alt

When Worlds Collide (PDF) by Endorell-Taelos

When Worlds Collide is a cross-over of the Relativity and Loreithian Chronicles worlds. Written by myself and mirz-alt.

When a mysterious young girl shows up on the streets of Gale City, it leads to an perilous journey spanning two worlds to get the tiny princess back to her home.
Character driven with plenty of adventure, the story is sure to please superhero fans and fantasy lovers alike.

To start reading the series, click here, or alternatively download the PDF Here or eBook Formats Here.

WWC2: The Loreithian Heritage
by Endorell-Taelos & mirz-alt

Comm: When Worlds Collide Cover by fee-absinthe

The Sequel to When Worlds Collide.

It has been thirteen years since Sara Wolf visited the chaotic yet luscious world of Loreithia to guide Luciana back to the arms of her mother and to continue on in her destiny to become the saviour and next Empress of Loreithia. Now with a teenage half-elven son Sara must once again face her past and buried emotions in which she had kept secret as her son Danny is called back to Loreithia to participate in his coming of age ceremony. But everything is still not right in Loreithia...

To start reading the series, click here

Please Note: This story has not yet finished and there is more to come.

The Sacrifice of Young Hearts
by Endorell-Taelos & CristianaLeone

The Sacrifice of Young Hearts (PDF) by Endorell-Taelos

A collaboration between myself and CristianaLeone, telling a story of sacrifice, love and hardships between two protagonists Luciana (from Loreithia) and Aralyn (from Kherming-Chronicles) and an evil and mad elf Vondel.

To start reading the series, click here, or alternatively download the PDF Here.

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Artists of Loreithia - Vol. 14

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 28, 2014, 12:00 AM


Artists of Loreithia is a feature article series featuring artists and artwork from my novel series project Chronicles of Loreithia (otherwise known as Loreithian Chronicles), this article series also doubles as an article series featuring gifts and art for me.  As I usually showcase works made for me whether in polls or various journals, I wanted to try and do a more formal series in which I will be publishing once a month whether it would be contest entries, gift art or commissions, anything will be featured as a show of gratitude, of course I cannot feature every single piece an artist creates but you can always find them at LoreithianChronicles or in this folder. So here it is! 


:iconheilyaens: :iconanndr: :iconlumaris: :iconmorgainelefee: :iconoomeli: :iconchutsketch: :icondragondoodle: :iconscarlett-aimpyh:  :iconthe-nonexistent: :iconaimee5: :icontajii-chan: :iconhachiyuki: 

WORK BY HeilyAens 

Luciana by HeilyAens

Other works by HeilyAens 
Ich will eure Phantasie by HeilyAens The two powers by HeilyAens The den - redone by HeilyAens Leon and Aiden by HeilyAens Istaaz by HeilyAens

WORK BY anndr 

Little princess by anndr

Other works by anndr 
Dark Fairytale by anndr  The Withering Flame by anndr Araquiel by anndr vicious by anndr  Meredith by anndr

WORK BY Lumaris 

Free Sketches 1-4 by Lumaris
(first one on the left)

Other works by Lumaris 
Purple by Lumaris Dira Nir by Lumaris SC - Kalika by Lumaris Insignificant One by Lumaris Ripples - SP by Lumaris Commission - Vethos by Lumaris

WORK BY Morgainelefee

The Gift of Poinsettia by Morgainelefee

Other works by Morgainelefee 

Eichhornia by Morgainelefee Northern Xmas by Morgainelefee Tangled by Morgainelefee Faerie Amanita by Morgainelefee The Pet of Lady Usnea by Morgainelefee Baroque by Morgainelefee


Happy Birthday Alicia : Luciana by OoMeli

Other work by OoMeli 
Death roses by OoMeli Frozen - Anna x Kristoff - Valentine's Day Contest by OoMeli Frozen - Elsa III by OoMeli Lips Collection II by OoMeli Sleeping Miyuki by OoMeli Mulan by OoMeli

WORK BY chutsketch / chutkat 

Endorell-Taelos : commission by chutsketch

Other work by chutsketch / chutkat 

Guardians of Earth by chutsketch Someone by chutsketch Trapped by chutkat Forever Fly by chutkat The Wind Artisan by chutkat Higher than the clouds by chutkat Fearsome Rider by chutkat

WORK BY dragondoodle 

Comm - Sarah and Luciana by dragondoodle
(From alternate universe When Worlds Collide, crossing over with RelativityComic)

Other works by dragondoodle 
Willow Fairy by dragondoodle Merleia - Contest Entry by dragondoodle Death - Eryn by dragondoodle #11 Memory by dragondoodle The Scarlett Illusion has Sarah by dragondoodle

WORKS BY Maevachan / Scarlett-Aimpyh

Kaliya and Luciana by Maevachan  109 - Luciana by Scarlett-Aimpyh

Other Works by Maevachan / Scarlett-Aimpyh

095 - Emrah by Scarlett-Aimpyh 041 - Upside down by Scarlett-Aimpyh 040 - Memories by Scarlett-Aimpyh 035 - Reader by Scarlett-Aimpyh 038 - Ride by Scarlett-Aimpyh 039 - Swans by Scarlett-Aimpyh 

Works by The-Nonexistent 

Luciana by The-Nonexistent

Other works by The-Nonexistent 
LI : Wish by The-Nonexistent I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I'M DOING by The-Nonexistent NEURIAL  010 Ch.1 Cover by The-Nonexistent Departure to Happiness by The-Nonexistent LI : Lumipesca by The-Nonexistent Li: Sleeping Mountain by The-Nonexistent

Work by aimee5

Endorell-Taelos' Luciana by aimee5

Other work by aimee5 
Winter's Nightlight by aimee5 Never Say Goodbye by aimee5 Speedpaint: Keira Knightley by aimee5 Following the River by aimee5 Uncle Schreiber's Grammar page 89 by aimee5 FRIM - Forest Reserve3 by aimee5

Work by Tajii-chan 

Miya by Tajii-chan

Other works by Tajii-chan 
Goddess of Love by Tajii-chan My Little Princess by Tajii-chan Memoirs of the Moon by Tajii-chan Fake by Tajii-chan Child of the Sun by Tajii-chan Draw the Past by Tajii-chan

Work by hachiyuki 

Antler's forest by hachiyuki Luciana by hachiyuki

Other works by hachiyuki 

I shall fix your wing by hachiyuki jellyfish night by hachiyuki Tasteless is the new tasty by hachiyuki Winter cold by hachiyuki wolfs hat by hachiyuki lovestruck by hachiyuki

Work by clover-teapot 

Luciana - Chibi commission by clover-teapot

Other works by clover-teapot 

Waltz - Commission by clover-teapot Acantha - Commission by clover-teapot Hekate - Commission by clover-teapotSunny Mornings - Commission by clover-teapot The White Garden - Commission by clover-teapot Do you dream of me? - Commission by clover-teapot Cain by clover-teapot

And that concludes the Arists of Loreithia feature series! I truly hope I haven't forgot anyone! 7 years of gifts and commissions is a lot to catch up on! :giggle:  Please tell me if I had forgotten you in this or the past articles and I will continue with it one more time! :eager: 


I would like to extend a massive thank you to everyone who has supported the Chronicles and everyone who has ever created artwork based on it.  I am very much appreciative. :thanks:


Vol. 1 |  Vol. 2 |  Vol. 3 | Vol. 4 |  Vol. 5 |  Vol. 6 | Vol. 7 | Vol. 8 | Vol. 9 | Vol. 10 | Vol. 11 Vol. 12 | Vol. 13

... this article series was inspired by Mirz123's Artists of Relativity series ...

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There is also some various short stories and poetry related that can be found within this folder: loreithianchronicles.deviantar…
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