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Chronicles of Loreithia 

Known for its unprecedented beauty, Loreithia stood without chaos and destruction, a pristine world where the people and lands existed in harmony for millennia. The kingdoms and races ruled with an alliance they believed could never be broken. That is, until the darkness came. As destruction fills their world, hope rests in a single child. With many journeys ahead, countless lives hanging in the balance, and trials that will test the hearts of many, it is up to the child and those who help her to return Loreithia to its rightful order.

Welcome to LoreithianChronicles! ♥

Welcome to the Community Group devoted to showing the stories and artwork belonging to the fantasy universe created by Endorell-Taelos.

Endorell-Taelos is an aspiring fantasy writer, and has been working on a series of stories based in the fictional world of Loreithia.

Here you can see the related various artworks created by other people and by Endorell-Taelos herself.

Please note that everything in here, including the stories themselves are a work in progress.


“There is some good in this world, and it's worth fighting for.” ― J.R.R. Tolkien


“Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.” ― J.K. Rowling


This series was featured on:
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The Stories

When Worlds Collide

by Endorell-Taelos & mirz-alt

When Worlds Collide (PDF) by Endorell-Taelos
When Worlds Collide is a cross-over of the Relativity and Loreithian Chronicles worlds. Written by myself and mirz-alt.

When a mysterious young girl shows up on the streets of Gale City, it leads to an perilous journey spanning two worlds to get the tiny princess back to her home.

Character driven with plenty of adventure, the story is sure to please superhero fans and fantasy lovers alike.

To start reading the series, click here, or alternatively download the PDF Here or eBook Formats Here.

WWC2: The Loreithian Heritage

by Endorell-Taelos & mirz-alt

Comm: When Worlds Collide Cover by fee-absinthe
The Sequel to When Worlds Collide.
It has been thirteen years since Sara Wolf visited the chaotic yet luscious world of Loreithia to guide Luciana back to the arms of her mother and to continue on in her destiny to become the saviour and next Empress of Loreithia.

Now with a teenage half-elven son Sara must once again face her past and buried emotions in which she had kept secret as her son Danny is called back to Loreithia to participate in his coming of age ceremony. But everything is still not right in Loreithia...

To start reading the series, click here

Please Note: This story has not yet finished and there is more to come.

The Sacrifice of Young Hearts

by Endorell-Taelos & PiccolaRia

The Sacrifice of Young Hearts (PDF) by Endorell-Taelos
A collaboration myself and PiccolaRia, telling a story of sacrifice, love and hardships between two protagonists Luciana (from Loreithia) and Aralyn (from Kherming-Chronicles) and an evil and mad elf Vondel.

To start reading the series, click here, or alternatively download the PDF Here.

Gallery Folders

Official Stories
Story: When Worlds Collide
Story: WWC2: The Loreithian Heritage
Story: The Sacrifice of Young Hearts
Guest, Fan and Cross-Over Stories
Contest Entries
World Crossovers - My OCs and Yours
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♥ We are affiliating with like minded groups. ♥
Do you have a group that is mainly about your original characters (OCs) or your fictional world, be it Fantasy or Sci-Fi? Is it focused on visual arts, literature or both? Feel free to affiliate!
Greetings!  PiccolaRia, mirz-alt and I would like to welcome you to our first ever joint OC Contest! With the Theme of Fairy Tales, we hope you will enjoy!

Name of Image

Theme and Objectives 

Create a visual or literature piece based on a fairy tale featuring one or more of our OC's. It must be an established fairy tale. However, you may add a twist to it, such as making it darker, setting it in a different time period, etc. Creativity with the theme will be considered in the judging.

Because there are 15 OC's to choose from, you will not be allowed to use any additional OC's from the worlds of the creators (i.e. Gar from Kherming, etc.)  Also, for this contest, you may not use your own OC's. You may use established fairy tale characters, such as adding the dwarves to a Snow White piece.  

This following list of fairy tales might be helpful:…

The judges of the contest will be Endorell-Taelos, mirz-alt and PiccolaRia. We will choose the best visual and literature entries, relying not only on quality, but first of all on the originality, storytelling and character fitting.

Characters to Choose From

Character Sheet: Vondel by PiccolaRia Character Sheet: Aralyn by PiccolaRia OC Character Sheet: Kyed by PiccolaRia Character Sheet: Ria by PiccolaRia Kisha Sketchpage by PiccolaRia

Sara Wolff Profile 

Name: Sara Wolff
Gender: Female
Age: 26
Occupation: Administrator
Appearance: 5'4" / 162 cm. Red hair, green eyes, and fair skin. Thin, atheletic build -- not overly-skinny.
First Encounter: Episode 1 - Lost & Found
Talents, Skills, & Powers:
Sara is fluent in Spanish and has working knowledge of several other languages, including German and Swahili. Having spent a good deal of time in England as a child, she can mimic a perfect British accent. She has a developed "sixth-sense", but nothing so strong that it could be classified as psychic in nature.
General Information & Known History:
Sara was adopted shortly after birth by a military family and she spent her early years living on a naval base in Germany. At age 6, tragedy hit and her parents were killed. She bounced betw
Michael Bruce Profile 

Name: Michael Bruce
Gender: Male
Age: 32
Occupation: Entrepreneur - CEO of Bruce Development
Appearance: 6'0", with an athletic build. Blue eyes, dishwater blonde hair. His good looks prompted him to be named one of Gale City's "Ten Most Beautiful People."
First Encounter: Episode 1 - Lost & Found
Talents, Skills, & Powers:
Michael is highly intelligent. Though business dealings did not come naturally to him, he readily learned the workings of the industry and is considered a skilled and shrewd entrepreneur. A championship athlete in college, Michael continues to remain active and displays a high level of physical fitness and strength. He has studied a variety of martial arts and has numerous titles and belts to his name. Michael is also fluent in dozens of foreign languages and is a
Vincent von Brus Profile 

Name: Vincent von Brus
Gender: Male.
Age: Appears 42.
Occupation: Landowner.
Appearance: Long, straight, black hair, just past his shoulder. Dark brown eyes, almost black (can appear red at times). Trim, muscular build. Pale complexion.
First Encounter: Not yet encountered.
Talents, Skills, & Powers:
General Information & Known History:
There is not much known about Vincent von Brus. Born in the mid 1600s to an aristocratic family, he followed in his father's footsteps, becoming a prominent land-owner. Vincent was a tyrannical man, known for his violent temper and abusiveness to his servants and wards. He eventually married Iona, daughter of another powerful land owner. While it was a marriage of convenience, the woman proved to be as ambitious as he. It was whispered that Iona was a witch and practiced the black arts, something that intrigued Vincent. There were also
Ulysses David Profile 

Name: Ulysses David
Gender: Male
Age: 59
Occupation: Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Bruce Development
Appearance: 6'2" / 188 cm. Black hair with large amounts of gray, brown eyes.  Strong and broad muscular build.  Dresses in suits when working or conducting business, however is typically casual when off-duty.
First Encounter: Episode 1 - Lost & Found
Talents, Skills, & Powers:
Yule is a skilled and deadly combatist.  Trained heavily in the military, his skills are on level with those of a Navy Seal.  He is knowledgeable in all forms of weaponry.  He is also an expert technician and is skilled in crafting weapons and gadgetry.  Though nearing 60, Yule is in prime physical shape and has the same stamina and physique as a man 15 years his junior.  H
Ravenswood Cadavre Profile 

Name: Ravenswood Cadavre
Gender: Male
Age: 38
Occupation: Chief Security Office of Bruce Development; part-time barista and private investigator
Appearance: Caucasian, Brown/black hair, brown eyes. 5' 10". Somewhat muscular upper body, but has a bit of a beer gut.  Oftentimes sports a five-o'clock shadow. Scars acquired from after-hours work, fortunately none prominently visible.
First Encounter: Episode 1 - Lost & Found
Talents, Skills, & Powers:
Ravenswood is very observant and has a good memory. Often spots tiny details other people miss. He's an excellent photographer even though he's had no formal training. Knows karate, but not very good at it. For fighting, he mostly depends on fistcuffs. Very good with a gun, he would be considered a marksman.
General Information

OCProfile: Kaliya by Endorell-Taelos OCProfile: Luciana by Endorell-Taelos OCProfile: Lykaios by Endorell-Taelos OCProfile: Dasarine Corioth by Endorell-Taelos OCProfile: Emmanuel by Endorell-Taelos

Important Things to Know

  • The contest begins today February 1st and ends on April 30th  NO EXTENSIONS!!!
  • The entries must be created specifically for this contest and submitted to DeviantART not before February 1st.
  • In the description please put the name of the fairy tale you chose, the link to this journal and the name of the OC or OC's.
  • Maximum 2 entries per person, but you can win just with one.
  • Digital or Traditional Drawings and Paintings are allowed. To give more free reign photomanipulations and cosplay photography are also allowed, but must look like the OC you are trying to show!
  • For Literature Entries the word limit is 5000 words, and must be written in English.
  • Our OC's must be recognizable! You can change their clothes and outfits, of course. Also try to respect their personality!
  • Any style is more than welcome! Manga, chibi, realistic, cartoony, etc. Whatever your style is, let's show it!
  • Mild Mature Content is allowed, but please refrain from making your entry too gory or too sexually explicit.
  • All Entries must be submitted by commenting with a link or thumbnail on this journal.
  • This Contest is hosted and will be judged by mirz-alt, Endorell-Taelos and PiccolaRia. To make things easy on everyone this is the official journal; all comments, entries and questions will be dealt with on this journal only.  Do not send notes please! (Entries then will be accepted at our groups: RelativityComic, LoreithianChronicles and Kherming-Chronicles)

:new: by ebonred There is no limit to how many characters you can include in a single story or picture and you are allowed to mix them up Emmanuel and Vondel etc. 

:new: by ebonred Aside from the Traditional Fairytales (that we linked to), you are allowed to do your own take on a Disney animated Fairytale, folk-tale or story with our characters. Such as Peter Pan, Aladdin (although this also comes from 1001 Nights), Mulan, Frozen,  etc. 

:new: by ebonred Collaborated Entries are allowed, they will only be considered as one entry. Should the collaborated entry win the prize winnings would be split between the winners. The winners between themselves will choose who gets what. 

Prizes - Visual Art


1st Place Emote Trophy- Animtd by mirzjiles First Place

:bulletwhite: One Year Subscription from Endorell-Taelos
:bulletwhite: 3 Month Subscription from PiccolaRia
:bulletwhite: 500 :points: from PiccolaRia
:bulletwhite: 400 :points: from mirz-alt
:bulletwhite: A Digital painting of a couple (half body) from PiccolaRia
:bulletwhite: 3 Pixel Portraits from mirz-alt
:bulletwhite: Portrait from Lilith-the-5th
:bulletwhite: Digital waist up commission from Brokenfriendship 
:bulletwhite: Full Colour Chibi from Jazzds
:bulletwhite: Prize Stamps from dragondoodle 
:bulletwhite: Pixel Avatar from happy-gurl
:bulletwhite: Watercolour cartoon from LaraInPink
:bulletwhite: Month Long Journal Feature and Llama Badge from PurpleRedRose
:bulletwhite: A Feature in TheVoiceOfManips video show

2nd Place Emote Trophy- Animtd by mirzjiles Second Place

:bulletwhite:  3 Month Subscription from Endorell-Taelos 
:bulletwhite:  1 Month Subscription from PiccolaRia
:bulletwhite:  200 :points: from mirz-alt
:bulletwhite:  250 :points: from PiccolaRia
:bulletwhite: A Digital Portrait of 1 OC from PiccolaRia
:bulletwhite: 2 Pixel Portraits from mirz-alt
:bulletwhite: Full Colour Chibi from Jazzds
:bulletwhite: Digital Sketch Colour Portrait from Fayerin 
:bulletwhite: Prize Stamps from dragondoodle 
:bulletwhite: Pixel Avatar from happy-gurl
:bulletwhite: Watercolour cartoon from LaraInPink
:bulletwhite: Month Long Journal Feature and Llama Badge from PurpleRedRose
:bulletwhite: A Feature in TheVoiceOfManips video show

3rd Place Emote Trophy-Animtd by mirzjiles Third Place
:bulletwhite: 3 Month Subscription from Endorell-Taelos 
:bulletwhite: 1 Month Subscription from PiccolaRia
:bulletwhite: 250 :points: from PiccolaRia
:bulletwhite: 100 :points: from mirz-alt
:bulletwhite: Monochrome Character from PiccolaRia
:bulletwhite: Digital Sketch Portrait from PiccolaRia
:bulletwhite: Pixel Portrait from mirz-alt
:bulletwhite: Full Colour Chibi from Jazzds
:bulletwhite: Prize Stamps from dragondoodle 
:bulletwhite: Pixel Avatar from happy-gurl
:bulletwhite: Watercolour cartoon from LaraInPink
:bulletwhite: Month Long Journal Feature and Llama Badge from PurpleRedRose
:bulletwhite: A Feature in TheVoiceOfManips video show

Prizes - Literature

1st Place Emote Trophy- Animtd by mirzjiles First Place

:bulletwhite: One Year Subscription from  Endorell-Taelos
:bulletwhite: 3 Month Subscription from PiccolaRia
:bulletwhite: 500 :points: from PiccolaRia
:bulletwhite: Digital painting of a couple (half body) PiccolaRia 
:bulletwhite: Customized Journal Skin from RaisloverSakura
:bulletwhite: Portrait from Lilith-the-5th
:bulletwhite:Full Colour Chibi from Jazzds
:bulletwhite: Bust Commission from CubicInsanity 
:bulletwhite: Prize Stamps from dragondoodle 
:bulletwhite: Colour Drawing from DrawingGirl546
:bulletwhite: Pixel Avatar from happy-gurl
:bulletwhite: Watercolour cartoon from LaraInPink
:bulletwhite: Month Long Journal Feature and Llama Badge from PurpleRedRose
:bulletwhite: A Feature in TheVoiceOfManips video show

Runner Up Emote Trophy- Animtd by mirzjiles Runner Up (will only be awarded if there is more than 10 entries)
:bulletwhite: 3 Month Subscription from Endorell-Taelos
:bulletwhite: Digital Portrait from PiccolaRia
:bulletwhite: A Digital Portrait of 1 OC from PiccolaRia
:bulletwhite: Prize Stamps from dragondoodle 
:bulletwhite: Black and White Drawing from DrawingGirl546
:bulletwhite: Pixel Avatar from happy-gurl
:bulletwhite: Month Long Journal Feature and Llama Badge from PurpleRedRose
:bulletwhite: A Feature in TheVoiceOfManips video show

All entries will be featured in a special article by Mirz123 at the end of the contest.

We thank everyone who has donated so far to the contest, we are still accepting prize donations and appreciate any help promoting the contest. Note, you MAY enter the contest if you donate a prize.

In addition, we will also be holding a special lottery for those who help promote the contest. Post a journal or poll linking to the contest and you will be entered into a special drawing. Please link to the journal or poll in the comments.  The winner will receive a sketch portrait from PiccolaRia, pixel portrait from mirz-alt, and 250 :points: from Endorell-Taelos.

Best of Luck Everyone! 

Visual Art Entries

The Story  of Snow White. by annemaria48 Contest Entry 1 Final Luciana as Little Mermaid by Clchriskl Contest Entry- The Trolls Turned to Stone by Captain-Savvy Princess Luciana as Rupunzel from Tangled by timberleanax Back to 3 worlds contest. by yukidecross A dream is a wish your heart makes by x-xchrissyx-x CE: The Swan Lake by GiovyLoCa Sara as The Pied Piper of Hamlin by NervousReality Mokosh by Tilmariel Am I in Wonderland? by AngelLale87 Three Worlds - The Buried Moon by CubicInsanity Contest for Three World Fairytale by Leon12Wang Sleeping Beauty and the Dark Lord by M0onQueen Kyed and the troll by kozieBubble Contest Entry - Yuki-Onna by lillybraconnot Alice in Wonderland by MelGama

Literature Entries

Dream-cat-sheerOnce upon a time...
"Uh, oh, wait, wait! What the Hell is..."
Ravenswood blinked, his mind deeply muddled.
"Ah ok, I got it... Some kind of next-gen game, right ? Hmm, no Health Points, no Magic Points and... where is the Inventory ? OK, forget about this... So... Let see..."
Once upon a time in a far country, full of old magic and fantasy creatures...
"Oh, please, spare me the long background setting, I'm not a rookie... Just skip the intro, OK ?"
He looked carefully at the environment surrounding him. A bright sun above him was lighting the countryside in which he could make out a modest village, in a typical medevial-type architecture. He was surprised enough to realize he was actually able to smell the various odors emanating from it. It aroused his curiosity so he decided to move forward to enter the little town. Ravenswood hadn't realized though that he was walking in a thick mud; slipping with no elegance, he felt, his bottom enjoying a rude and painful meeting wit
  The Vampire KingLuciana wasn't sure if she was starting to get used to this. Clutching a bowl to her chest, she descended down the stone steps to where the cells were. Beside her, a palace guard had his kris in hand, as though he were impatient to get the deed done. Perhaps this was the case. His icy blue eyes seemed to gleam with bloodlust. Her gaze shifted away from them.
"What's the matter?" he mocked. His lips curled in a sneer. Clearly he thought she was was beneath him. "Does this place make you uncomfortable?"
She decided it was best to hold her tongue. Vondel may be intimidating, but he didn't have the authority to hurt her. After all, he answered to the king. As long as the king needed her, there was no reason for her to be killed.
The thought of being executed sent a shiver down her spine. Burying the thought in the furthest reaches of her mind, Luciana walked with her head held high.
As they neared the first cell, the sound of whimpers and sobs could be heard. A warning bell went off in Luc
 Red Flower, Dark Prince by spadiekitchenqueen  Contest Entry - Little Ria Riding HoodLITTLE RIA RIDING HOOD
By John Paul Dodds
The girl; Ria, skipped out of the village seemingly without a care in the world.  Over her short peasant tunic-dress, belted at the waist with a stout rope, she wore an incongruously fine velvet hooded cape in brightest red.  She whistled brightly and slightly out of tune as she skipped, and she carried a wicker picnic basket in her hand.
The path she took led across the fields and into the woods beyond.  Bemused workers looked up from their toil in the fields at this colourful sight.  She turned to wave gaily at them as she passed and some found themselves taken with the cheeky-eyed face under a short blonde-brown boyish haircut that looked out from beneath the voluminous red hood.
She skipped on down the path, entering the woods without a second thought.  Coming out of the bright sunshine into shadowed paths thick with branches and overhanging growth didn't seem to worry her unduly.  The path twisted and turned t

Non-Competing Entries

The Three Cursed Sisters(Part 1) ByCharlie Pasters                               The Three Cursed Sisters (Part 1) By Charlie Pasters
                        (A Part Of The Fan Fiction Alternate Relativity Earth/Universe With Madge and Charles Together and Engaged as Each Other's Fiancés, Mixed With A Made Up Fairytale Story)
               It all started on a regular night in Gale City, As Charles E. Lawston was working a little bit late at his Antique Shop, putting a few last minute antique books on one of the bookshelves, when suddenly his phone rings. As he picks up the phone, "Hello? Oh, Hi, My Beautiful Soon To Be. You sound a little bit upset. What's wrong?" "Charles, Love, This is an Emergency. I need your help." "It sounds like an Emergency. What's up? Is it Trevor?" "It is. He won't sleep. He's really fighting me to stay awake." "This
  The Robber Bridegroom - FairytaleLuciana looked out the window and gave a deep sigh. “Why must I marry?” she asked her mother.
Kaliya pulled back the girl’s wavy black hair into a tail and secured it with a ribbon. “Because when your father fell ill, he worried he would not be able to provide for us. He knew that if you were to marry, your husband would. So he welcomed suitors and he chose the first respectable one. It was his dying wish that you should wed and be cared for.”
The young elf man in the corner let out a sigh and Luciana glanced back at him. Dasarine had been her friend since childhood. While she never looked upon him as a possible mate, her heart broke knowing that he loved her; it pained him to see her marry, yet protocol would never allow him speak of such things.
“Who is this man?” the ebony haired girl asked.
Kaliya glanced out the window. “You shall see now.”
A carriage pulled up. The driver was dressed in a formal uniform and the horses perfectl

More Journal Entries


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Hi I'd like to participate in the contest, and I have a few questions about the elemental sister Raine Denali, and the elf race in general, are they like tolkien's elf that they fall in love only once? cuz I was going for a love story
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